Autonomous Ground Vehicles Self-Guided Formation Control

I’m tired of writing stuffs nobody care about, let’s just look at the demo video first

Right. So let me just preface that this is probably the most exciting (and challenging) project I have ever done at the university. But after days and days of skipping sleep time and breakfast, explaining to multiple people what I’m doing, making the documentations (which you can find here), I’m just way too tired to write something as passionate as I did like previous blog posts.

However, I do want to say that this project has made me thinking about doing a post-grad degree as these fields (robotics, automation, formation control, etc.) do really excited me! I also recently get really obsessed with Matt Might, first, through his post about phD and then through his story finding precision medicine (sorry for the stupid facebook link). I will start my final year as an undergrad next semester, I don’t know how it will go from here. Kinda excited!

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