Losing someone dear

I and my bottle have recently broke up. We were both young and inexperienced. She thinks I’m too rough. She couldn’t stand me juggling around with her feeling while I have been taking her for grant. She said she preferred her man treating her gently. Ultimately, I have left her with some irreparable damage.

I still keep her clothes. Part of the reason is because I couldn’t stand throwing them away. But more importantly is because seeing her belongings gives me a sense of comfort. Everyone you met has a different version of you they perceived in their mind, so in a way, you are the collection of all those version. With her being gone, I feel part of me that resides with her has also lost.

She left an empty void within my soul. Ever since we separated, I have been trying to find someone to fill that void. But they are just not the same!

Joke aside, I have been working on my final year project. It’s an industry sponsored project and thus, I don’t think I’m allowed to talk too much about it. Let’s just say it’s pretty cutting edge!

I also have been playing around with National Instrument products and while I’m not a big fan of Labview, their hardware are absolutely industry-grade A star quality. Their customer (or rather their community support) are on point! Couldn’t be more happy.

P.s: Does any know if Adelaide has a Miniso store?

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