The learning paradox

In the age of Youtube, Medium, and overpriced Udemy courses, people often try to find the source that requires least amount of thinking to be able to understand a problem.

However, what people don’t realise is that those (seemingly) simple explanations to a complex concept only make sense if you are already an expert in those field! And obviously, to be an expert, you have to understand those concepts. Hah!

“But I watch this guy on Youtube and now I understand Neural Network than 99% of the earth population!”, Well guess what, 99.9% of the earth population probably doesn’t even care about what NN is anyways.

“But I used the Keras library and now I can predict who is the most likely to die in the Titanic”. Well guess what, you basically just did the equivalent of “Hello world” in programming. Those experiences amount to nothing.

Arr! I’m just so pissed off about those content creators that know exactly what the population wants and then try to glorify whatever they are trying to represent. It takes my mom 3 books, hundreds if not thousands of practice hours to finally nail baking. And she’s still learning everyday!

End of rant.

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